Since 1988, Byrex Gems Inc. has been synonymous with the finest quality coloured gemstones and colour stone jewellery. With unparalleled global sourcing expertise and exceptional craftsmanship, including the development of the Authentic Optix® cut, we’ve continued to build a reputation for industry-class quality, turnaround and customization. In the past decade, Byrex has also become a primary source of natural colour diamonds for the jewellery industry in Canada. Whether you are a jeweller, a gem dealer or an investor in rare gems and fancy colour diamonds, Byrex is here to serve your needs most competitively.






Calibrated Semi-Precious & Precious Stones


Byrex's calibrated precious inventory includes quantities from single stones to thousands of matching all natural semi-precious gemstones in all standard sizes and shapes. Each stone is specially hand selected by our jewellery experts in Toronto to make sure they meet your exact needs.

One-Of-A-Kind Precious Stones


Byrex's selection of fine and rare diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires is unparalleled in Canada.  Leveraging our extensive inventory and our global supply network, our in house gemstone experts are committed to working with you to meet your customer's unique jewellery needs.


Coloured Diamonds


Byrex is the country's largest wholesaler of fancy coloured diamonds. Our inventory includes thousands of top-quality fancy coloured diamonds in a variety of shapes, colours and carat weights.



Byrex sells a wide selection of fine precious stone, and diamond custom and estate jewellery pieces including brooches, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings.




Optix® is a revolutionary faceting method that causes gemstones to shimer and sparkle from all directions. Instead of a single reflection of light as in a regular cut, the Optix® cut creates multiple reflections which result in a superior scintillation, even colour distribution and added brilliance. Optix® is available in many coloured gemstones, but is particularly effective in light colour stones such as Amethyst, Aquamarine, Blue and White Topaz, Citrine, Lemon Quartz, Garnet, Peridot and Green and Pink Tourmaline.

Contact Byrex at +1 (800) 263-0951 and let us help you source the perfect stones today.  

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